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Temperature sensors

The equithermal regulator needs a temperature sensor. The actual temperature is monitored by temperature sensors, which can be simply divided into several basic types.

For sensing the temperature of the heating medium in the pipes, there are clamping sensors mounted on the outside of the pipes by means of a clamping band. It can be used on all common pipe diameters and installation is simple and very fast. It is also used to monitor the return temperature, which is very important for the regulator.

Outdoor sensors not only provide outdoor temperature data to the equithermal regulator, but also to a limited extent measure the intensity of solar radiation, wind strength and the temperature of the wall on which the sensor is placed. All this is important for the correct operation of the equithermal heating system.

The sump sensor is connected so that its measuring insert is placed in the DHW tank, where it measures the temperature of the domestic water.

Room sensors for equithermal regulation are also available. Most often, the temperature sensors are connected via a cable, where a wireless connection can be used if required.

The correct functioning of the temperature sensors is indispensable for the operation of the heating system controlled by the equithermal regulation.