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Three-phase frequency converters

Three-phase frequency converters are used for higher power, which are used to control and control machines and equipment with higher power consumption. You can choose from a range of converters ranging from 0,55 kW to the impressive 22 kW In addition to the built-in PID controller, some three-phase frequency inverters are also equipped with a macro PFC (pump and fun control) function to take advantage of pre-programmed macro operations and an intuitive user interface  which start up the convertor. The brake chopper is integrated, so no extra space or installation time is required. The frequency inverters are cooled by their own built-in fan, which extracts cooling air from the environment, so ensure that the cooling air is free of corrosive components and does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius (possibly at a reduced output of 50 degrees Celsius). Even with these powerful three-phase inverters, it is advisable to use a special Flash Drop instrument, which can be found in the "accessories" category, for selecting and detailed operating parameters.