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Three-way rotary valve ESBE VRG 232 25-10

Three-way rotary valve ESBE VRG 232 25-10

  • Product code: 11620700
  • EAN : 7330193036153
  • Warranty: 2 years

Three-way rotary valve ESBE DN 25. Brass valve body. Kvs 10 m3/h, external thread. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Connection size DN 25
Connection type Male thread
Flow 10 m3/h
Pressure PN 10
Temperature -10...110 °C
Valve type Mixing, Distributive
Weight 0.76 kg

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Three-way low leakage rotary valve ESBE VRG 232 is made of dezincification resistant brass DZR. For easy manual operation the valves are equipped with non-slip knobs and end stops for an operation angle of 90°. The valve position scale can be turned over and rotated, allowing many different mounting positions. The scale located below the adjusting knob can be positioned arbitrarily along the heart of the mixing valve, depending on the valve orientation in the application.

Application examples

  • Heating applications
  • Cooling
  • Floor heating
  • Solar systems
  • Ventilation
  • Central distribution

The VRG 232 valve can be used either as a mixing or diverting valve.

Installation example

Suitable actuators

  • Complete range of ESBE actuators ARA 600 (adapter included in actuator).
  • ESBE series 90 actuators (incl. 90C controllers, etc.). It is necessary to mount adapter VRG 801 - part no. 16053300
  • VZT actuators BELIMO - it is possible to use any servo (eg LM-A, NM-A, LF etc.) in connection with adapter type MK-VRG....
  • Actuators for mixing valves BELIMO NRD, HT in conjunction with adapter MS-NRE6.


All major parts can be replaced or re-sealed - a seal kit or a complete refurbishment kit is available. In most cases it is not necessary to remove the valve from the application during servicing.

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