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Three-wire cable ELKO EP D03VV-F 1 m

Three-wire cable ELKO EP D03VV-F 1 m

  • Product code: 323141
  • EAN : 8595188165884
  • Warranty: 2 years

Three-core cable ELKO EP D03VV-F designed for probes SHR-1 and SHR-2, 3x0,75 mm2, with a certification for drinking water, 1m. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Protection IP 65
Weight 0.35 kg

Datasheet download

Download PDF


Download PDF

Three-core cable to SHR-1 and SHR-2 probes. Rated voltage: 300/300 V. Test voltage: 2 kV.


  • bright copper stranded core of hole
  • core insulation of special PVC
  • sheath of special PVC


  • the product meets requirements for direct and permanent contact with drinking water according to § 5 of the Act. 258/2000 Decree of the Ministry of Health. 409/2005 Sb., On hygienic requirements for products coming into direct contact with drinking water and water treatment
  • usable up to 70 °C
  • suitable for submersible conductivity probes for the boreholes, wells and tanks

Technical specifications

  • cable capacity is max 12,3 nF/100 m
  • core diameter with insulation - 3,2 mm
  • total cable diameter - 8,1 mm
  • cross-section 0,75 mm2

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