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Ultrasonic heat meters

A modern ultrasonic heat and cold meter, which displays current data and is able to recall the necessary data from the previous period, is best suited for accurate measurement of thermal energy consumption. The user of the meter has a perfect overview of the heat consumption. If the device should be used for cold measurement, this must be stated when ordering.

These ultrasonic meters are particularly well suited for central heating systems where power is distributed to multiple users and the amount of energy supplied needs to be perfectly understood. This applies to the distribution between apartment houses and units, office buildings, production and storage areas etc..

The heat meters have no moving, mechanically stressed parts and are therefore not subject to wear, the battery life is about six years. During the installation, it is possible to choose any position in the supply or return (return) pipeline, the user will also appreciate the function of error messages and self-diagnostics.

High-end ultrasonic heat and cold meters are manufactured by Siemens, which has a long tradition in their design construction.