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Water regulator valves

In heating systems, mixing plants and wherever the flow rate needs to be sensitively adjusted, water regulator valves are used for this purpose. In the smallest version, these are manually opened, closed and adjusted control and at the same time shut-off valves controlled by the adjusting wheel. They can be used in residential and single-floor distribution systems. As a rule, the mounting is done using an external thread on the valve body.

The water lift valves can be two-way or three-way. Specifically designed for the distribution and control of water or other liquids always have specific specifications. Some types of water valves are not suitable for all types of liquid media. It is necessary to pay special attention to this, as well as to the selection of a suitable actuator. The closing curve characteristics and flow direction are always given near the valve. For mixing circuits in single-family houses with weather-compensated control, three-way regulator valves with three-point control via an actuator are suitable. In addition to the external thread connection, a larger flange connection is used for larger valves, characterized by high tightness and reliability.