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Webservers for equithermal regulation

In order to be able to remotely monitor and control the system of equithermal regulators, we will use a suitable web server. It will provide us with the possibility of communication via USB connection, connection via local network or via the Internet. Some variants of webservers are capable of communication and control via GSM module. Depending on the needs and scale of the heating, select the appropriate web server for one, four or up to sixteen regulators! We can therefore operate a reliable and truly large and complex heating system. The webserver allows us to monitor and additionally set the connected regulators, receive and send error and other reports by e-mail, create or simply import the whole schematics. Of course, the webserver can be easily updated with the latest firmware released without the help of specialists. Control is done via a web browser on a PC, laptop or tablet. LAN/WAN settings and automatic DHCP settings are also included with a high-quality web server.