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Wilo COR-1 COR-1 MHIE 406-2G automatic pressure station (2865132)

Wilo COR-1 COR-1 MHIE 406-2G automatic pressure station (2865132)

  • Product code: 2865132
  • Manufacturer code: 2865132
  • Warranty: 2 years

Automatic pressure station with wide range of applications. H = 80m, Q = 10 m3/hr More information

This product is no longer available, as it has been replaced with a new model.

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Parameters and catalogs

Head max 92 m
Operating pressure PN 10
Power 400 VAC
Pressure vessel Yes
Pump flow 11 m3/h
Weight 47.50 kg

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Automatic pressure station designed for pumping potable, heating and process water, condensate or cooling mixtures, such as domestic waterworks for family and apartment buildings, source of pressure boosting in municipal waterworks or in industry, refilling systems, etc.


The pressure station has a built-in transducer and thanks to it, the constant pressure is set on the dispenser independently of the number of supply points. Pump material in contact with the flowing medium is made of stainless steel. The station includes a pressure vessel, a pressure gauge and a pressure sensor. The terminal box is equipped with a display for reading and setting operating values. Built-in electronics ensures operation of the electric motor also without media.


  • The constant discharge pressure ensures high comfort for the user
  • Energy savings
  • Low noise
  • The trouble-free operation of the hydraulic network increases the reliability and life of the entire circuit
  • Operation without touching the grid
  • No additional protection is required
  • Medium only in contact with stainless materials


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