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Domestic hot water filters

Hot water filters capture mechanical impurities when water flows through the filter body.  It ensures a continuous supply of filtered water. A fine filter reduces the amount of foreign particles in the water, such as fragments of rust or grains of sand. Dirt settled at the bottom of the filter container can then be easily removed. A hot water filter most often consists of a case and a filter insert, which may not always be part of the package.

Mechanical filters for hot water represent a simple method of filtration that effectively removes impurities from your water. To filter hot water, however, a special water filter that can withstand even higher temperatures is needed. They have a protective sump and sealing elements made of durable materials that can handle hot water filtration.

Water treatment using a mechanical filter is one of the most important steps in water filtration. There is a risk of contamination by mechanical impurities especially if the water is pumped from a well.

More information about water filters

During water filtration, the water filter retains mechanical impurities as the water flows under pressure through the filter body. The water filter consists of a filter housing and a filter element (not always included).

In domestic filters the cleaning is done by backwashing, then there is no need to change the cartridge, just to drain the water with trapped impurities by tap in the lower part. In addition, the domestic water filter can be easily fitted with a pressure limiter. It is a water filter that is suitable for the supply piping of each family house or apartment.