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Questions? +32 460 226 991 (English). EU-wide delivery!

Payment options

Pay by payment card

  • online payment after confirming the order - you will be redirected to a safe payment gateway, where you enter details and the payment is authorised. After successful authorization, the amount is immediately credited to our account, and the goods may be shipped immediately
  • with DHL, it is possible to pay with a payment card on delivery

By bank transfer in advance

  • after the order is confirmed, you get a proforma invoice. Your order is ready for shipment by the chosen mode of transport after the money is credited to our account.

By bank transfer with due date

  • wholesale partners have the option to buy goods on an invoice with a standard 14 day due date. Under individual agreement, due date may be extended. Payment on an invoice with a due date is possible after the first three orders via cash on delivery, payment card or advance invoice (applicable to new wholesale partners).