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TA Hydronics has been renamed the IMI Hydronic Engineering consortium by the merger of three divisions. IMI Hydronic Engineering deals with the following areas: pressure maintenance and water quality, balancing, control and thermostatic control. T & A is a leader in indoor climate control, offering high quality, eco-friendly measurement and control products. We offer balancing valves - tools for checking hydraulic systems to optimize energy expenditure. Balancing valves are a good choice for system designers. For operation members - simple operation and trouble-free operation. And last but not least for the owners of buildings - the fight against excessive operating costs. T&A specializes in precision balancing of heating system requirements. Whether constant flow, variable flow or static and dynamic balancing. One of STAD's best balancing valves, ensures accurate hydraulic performance for a variety of applications. Ideally suited on the secondary side in heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.