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Product complaints

The standard return rate of Grundfos and Wilo pumps is below 2%, if you, however, experience issues with goods quality we are happy to help. We tried to simplify the return process for our customers - you can order Goods Return service directly from your home on this link. Within 2 working days, goods are going to be shipped to us. If the return is justified, the cost is on us - we will issue a voucher for 30 EUR to compensate for your costs.

You can also send the deffective product by yourself using any transport company to our main stock address in Jinočany. The package must include a VAT receipt (invoice or a simplified VAT receipt), which certifies the purchase from Bola s.r.o.

Address for complaints

Severní 276
252 25, Jinočany
Czech Republic

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Time limits for claims

The standard time limit for processing claims is 30 days from receiving the goods.

Borrowing for the defective goods

In exceptional cases, it is possible to borrow substitute goods until the claim is resolved. However, this is not always possible - it concerns mainly custom made and special products. Borrowing is always to be agreed in advance and Bola s.r.o. is by no means obliged to approve the borrowing.