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Drainage pumps

Drainage pumps are suitable for more demanding pumping of waste, sludge and sewage water. These pumps are suitable for stationary installation, for example in a sump, or they can be used as portable pumping units for lowering the groundwater level, draining sumps, draining water from surface water collection sumps, etc.

More information about drainage pumps

The use of drainage pumps is now widespread. It is well-suited for pumping not only clean water, but it also can handle water with rain or water gently mechanically and chemically contaminated. Therefore, submersible drainage pumps are an essential helper for family house owners, holiday cottages as well as for craftsmen, construction and reconstruction companies, maintenance companies, and more.

Drainage pumps must be of a relatively robust construction to prevent damage during start-up, pull-out and operation. Also, the submersible pump mechanism must resist coarser dirt that does not catch the protective strainer.

An integral part of the drainage pump is well-insulated and sufficiently long supply cable for connection to the el. network. The float or float switch is used to switch off the device if the drained liquid level is already low and if the engine is dry, it could damage the engine. The drainage pump motor is of course equipped with a thermal fuse to prevent its overheating.

For the perfect suction of any sludge (especially when used in waste sumps and excavations), there is a "twirl" function that some drainage pumps are equipped with. This function serves to splash water and sediment in the suction space, so removal of sediments will be perfect. It prevents the odor while pumping, it can also be turned off in some cases. For each type, its performance and displacement are indicated.

If you need to drain water from a flooded cellar, sink or pool submersible drainage pumps Grundfos and Wilo are an ideal choice.