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Temperature regulators

Thanks to the installation of a temperature regulator, we can reliably and up-to-date monitor the temperature at the required locations, the temperature of the transported heating or cooling media, control the heating or air-conditioning operation and control thermal conditions in residential, production or storage areas. When connected to a heating and air-conditioning system, we achieve efficient and effective operation. The temperature regulator can also control domestic hot water (DHW) and closed circuit heat exchangers.

In combination with the use of an actuator to control the valves and taps of the system, the temperature control throughout the complex will be controlled from one or more control points. Temperature regulators do a good job of preventing icing, monitoring minimum and maximum operating temperatures and triggering a warning. The advantage is the "test" mode, which is included in most products, and which greatly facilitates commissioning. The setpoint switching can also be done via an external contact. It is practically impossible today to operate a modern heating or cooling and air-conditioning system with high quality and reliability without temperature regulators.