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ESBE was founded in 1906 in Sweden. The original focus was the production of pumps and mixing valves. ESBE produced the first four-way mixing valve in the late 1930s. ESBE's turnover continued to grow, with nearly half of its turnover in the 1970s being mixing valves, which became industry standard. ESBE has gradually expanded its product portfolio to the form we know today. The company philosophy focuses on three basic building blocks - comfort, safety and energy saving.

In our offer you will find all the products that form the core of the ESBE portfolio. Among the most popular are mixing valvesactuators and thermostatic valves. In recent years, ESBE has also focused on regulators whose offer has been significantly expanded and revised. Thanks to the CRA, CRB, CUA regulators, we offer both outdoor and indoor sensor variants as well as constant temperature regulators.

For most ESBE valves, spare parts such as thermostatic cartridges, seal kits and other accessories are available.