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Magnetic filters for heating

Magnetic filters for heating and cooling systems can be divided into three groups, according to their filtering function.

The first group are air separators, which remove unwanted air bubbles from systems as too much air in a heater can cause noise and reduce heating efficiency.

Another trouble can be physical impurities and particles of magnetite found in the pipes of heating systems. Magnetic dirt separators capture these particles and dirt thanks to an integrated magnet. They prevent system wear and increase heating efficiency.

Dirt and air separators combine the functions of both. One device removes both air bubbles and physical impurities.

In terms of system efficiency, it is always better to install an air separator and dirt separator separately. In installations where it is difficult to install both devices separately, the combined separator is an ideal solution.

More information about magnetic filters

The magnetic filter for the heating system relieves the heating system of the following contamination (eg scales, sand, rust, metal chips, etc.), which increases the functionality of the heating system. This device increases the prevention of wear and malfunction of the heating system.