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Domestic waterworks

Domestic waterworks are suitable for automatic well water pumping, but also for stabilizing the water pressure in the system. We offer traditional pump and pressure vessel products, as well as modern solutions equipped with a frequency converter, capable of maintaining constant water pressure and saving energy.

More information about waterworks

Domestic waterworks are used in the normal operation of the household, without being aware of its function (provided you are not connected to the water supply system). Making use of water from your own resources is certainly a significant saving, and this is true even if your well would not meet drinking water requirements. A normal household also has high demands on so-called utility water. Without a reliable domestic waterworks, it is hard to get around.

The use of the domestic waterworks can be found, of course, in a recreational facility as well as in a variety of plants where there is often considerable water consumption. The domestic waterworks is a complete set consisting of a self-priming pump (can be purchased standalone) and suitably dimensioned water pressure vessels. For automatic refilling, the manostat and the pressure switch are provided, providing the prescribed pressure and thus the operation of the waterworks.

The domestic waterworks pumps water from the well or from a borehole with a height difference of up to eight meters without any problems. If the vertical meter is larger, the submersible pumps available in our assortment can also be found.

We offer Wilo domestic waterworks and Grundfos domestic waterworks.