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Interflanged butterfly valves

The use for interflanged butterfly valves is offered mainly in drinking and service water distribution systems. Furthermore, in the distribution of cold and hot water for heating or cooling. We also find butterfly valves in the gas industry, air-conditioning systems and distribution of liquid and gaseous media. Since the flange flaps are not adapted to the gradually adjustable flow control, we use them especially where it is necessary to work with the open/closed positions. Their mechanism can be equipped according to the user's requirements for more comfortable remote control actuator, which we will appreciate even with harder accessible flaps In addition, the actuator (for example, a proven Belimo actuator manufacturer)), can be connected to a sophisticated control system for the entire measurement and control system. Depending on the materials used, the interflanged butterfly valves can be used, for example, to close the water supply to the required temperature, to control the air conditioning intensity, when pumping various chemicals, etc. In this case, we choose the type of material used in the butterfly valve. It can be  made of cast iron with epoxy coating in combination with an EDPM (ethylene-propylene rubber) cuff. Another relatively frequently used material is a stainless butterfly flap, which is particularly suitable for drinking water applications.

Of course, we will gladly advise you when choosing the appropriate interflanged butterfly valve.