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Frequency converters

The use of frequency converters has significantly affected the operation of virtually all machines and equipment using electric motors. Thanks to the controlled speed control, it is possible to control the work of electric motors very effectively and reduce the costs of electricity consumption. The frequency inverter can be connected to the unit externally or can be permanently integrated into the unit. The speed and torque of standard induction motors can be controlled using a frequency converter. If necessary, the inverter reduces the machine speed accordingly, saving energy, reducing motor wear, and increasing equipment efficiency or operation. The frequency inverters are therefore ideal for controlling and regulating the operation of fans, pumpsand other devices that are driven by electric motors. The engines are often oversized for some activities and artificial reduction of their power or torque is done by means of throttles, gears, pulleys and other not very efficient ways where some of the energy is wasted. Therefore, a frequency converter of the corresponding type is an optimal and advantageous solution.