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Water filters

During water filtration, the water filter retains mechanical impurities as the water flows under pressure through the filter body. The water filter consists of a filter housing and a filter element (not always included).

In domestic filters the cleaning is done by backwashing, then there is no need to change the cartridge, just to drain the water with trapped impurities by tap in the lower part. In addition, the domestic water filter can be easily fitted with a pressure limiter. It is a water filter that is suitable for the supply piping of each family house or apartment.

Flange filters are used for cleaning of non-aggressive liquids supplied to pipes or fittings. The stainless steel filter element is cleaned at zero pressure after unscrewing the lower cap according to the instructions. It is used mainly to catch coarser impurities. With this type of mechanical filters, however, it is not possible to trap dissolved substances, for their possible removal it is possible to use an activated carbon filter, which works on a slightly different principle.