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Frost protection

Sensors and thermostats are the principle of frost protection, which can be used in many operations where low temperature needs to be carefully monitored. These are, for example, ventilation exchangers, air conditioning units, ducts and other equipment where icing or partial or even freezing could seriously jeopardize operation.

Frost thermostats measure accurately, have little difference and good repeatability. They will be valid for the timely stop of the air conditioning fans, give a signal to close the outside flaps, in cooperation with the control system give a command for heating, switch off the coolers and humidifiers in time and can trigger an acoustic or light alarm according to the settings. If necessary, they can be easily reset by pressing the built-in button. The anti-freeze thermostats are equipped with easily accessible controls and adjusters, the current picture of the situation will give us a clear display (for some types). It is possible to connect them to a central display and control unit when using multiple sensors at remote locations.

Among the products we offer are proven antifreeze thermostats from companies Siemens, Alco and Belimo.