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Gas filters

Special gas filters are used in the gas piping, which are fitted with a very fine liner in addition to the stainless steel strainer and, due to their longevity, polypropylene fiber windings are preferred. In contrast, foam inserts offer greater tightness and ductility of the material of the insert itself. The choice of the gas filter must therefore be made according to the quantity of the medium passing through and the anticipated level of contamination. If necessary, the density of the insert is determined by the diameter of the smallest particles to be collected. This reading is given in microns (labeled “µm”). The replacement of the liner is conditioned by the fact that if the dirt is clogged, the quantity of the passing medium will be reduced, which could consequently lead to the malfunctioning of the appliances used (hence the pressure drop over a larger consumption). The gas filters are available in biogas and coal gas variants where there is a risk of contaminants. The connection of the filter to the manifold is solved by a thread or flange depending on the type