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Regulator valves

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Regulator valves are used to control the flow of the medium in the heating or cooling system to ensure the correct functioning of the whole assembly. Shut-off valves are provided for closing the system. Smaller valve types can be fitted with manual controls.

Three-point control or continuous control signal 0-10V is used. The direction of flow is indicated on the control taps, which is essential for the installation! The control valves are connected to the circuit either by means of external threads on the valve body or, for larger pieces, by flanges and corresponding seals. The valves are used primarily for regulation in water and air-conditioning circuits and their characteristics are determined by the profile of the valve closing body.

We offer two-way and three-way regulating taps from well-established manufacturers such as Belimo and Siemens. These valves are designed for regulating closed circuits.