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Pumps for wells

Own well is a great advantage of a property. Not only is it not necessary to carefully monitor your water consumption, in addition, if it is a deeper well, your water is usually of a higher quality. Domestic waterworks can be used to drain from tanks to a depth of about eight meters. But optimal solution for deeper wells is the use of a submersible pump, which was specifically designed for this purpose.

More information about pumps for wells

Water from your own well is undoubtedly a great advantage. Water consumption does not need to be carefully monitored and thanks to its own water source, a considerable amount of money can be saved. If it is at a deeper well, the water is likely to be of high quality. The optimum solution is to use a special submersible pump for the well, which is specifically designed for this purpose. A larger pump can be used for dug wells of larger diameter. We also offer submersible pumps for wells with a diameter of 120 mm.

The hydraulic part of the pump is made of stainless steel and therefore has a long service life. The pump for wells is equipped with a non-return valve, an eye for the trigger cable or directly with a trigger cable of the appropriate length and with an electronic box. Some types of pumps are designed so that they do not need a separate starter box. An integral part is, of course, the motor thermal protection and level protection, which ensure long life and reliable operation of the pump.

Pumps for wells from leading manufacturers Wilo and Grundfos guarantee long years of trouble-free and comfortable operation.