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Jablotron is a Czech company founded in 1990. Jablotron holding, led by Jabotron and other subsidiaries, employs more than 250 people and its turnover is close to 1 billion CZK. Since its establishment, it has been mainly engaged in the production of security systems, but nowadays the company has considerably expanded its offer and has penetrated, for example, in the areas of monitoring baby breath or regulating room temperature. In the field of heating control systems and applications, Jablotron offers a programmable zone heating controller with wired and wireless thermostat as well as a backup circulation pump. Thanks to the thermostats, it is easy to program the weekly heating mode or to connect the frost protection of the building. When used in office space, the temperature range can be locked. In addition to the room thermostats, it is possible to connect window detectors that automatically switch off the heating in the zone. Thermal heads are used for closing and opening the circuit.