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Pressure switches for pumps

If you need the pump to start immediately with the water tap open, a pressure switch unit is the ideal device for you to fully rely on. You will use it in combination with domestic waterworks, self-priming pumps and submersible pumps for boreholes. The switching unit ensures reliable start of the pump and maintains the required pressure. Units typically have built-in motorcycle protection against dry running and motor overcurrent protection is desirable. Advanced control units can maintain constant pressure thanks to speed control. The display of the current operating status and ongoing operation informs a clear display in combination with LEDs. The leak detector also serves for better protection of the pump.

The power cable is a part of the switching unit, the installation is not difficult and the package includes instructions in the Czech language. The operation of these units is mostly silent, depending on the design and design, they are often also equipped with an integrated non-return valve.

We offer Grundfos switching units and Wilo flow sensors.