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Self-priming pumps

Possibilities of self-priming pumps are really big. The most common are self-priming pumps for pumping clean or just slightly polluted water for irrigation, sprinkling, pumping, filling or emptying of tanks. In case of emergency, a self-priming pump can be used to pump water in flooded cellars or rooms. This type of pump features a very short pumping time and a simple design that also contributes to trouble-free operation and low noise. High performance motors are a guarantee of fast and reliable pumping.

Several different designs of self-priming pumps with different displacements are available. The choice should be according to the specific purpose to which the self-priming pump will most often be used. The material design is of course stainless steel, so the pump can be adequately exposed to external influences, it does not rust and will not become clogged even during extended shutdown and requires only minimal maintenance. The power supply is designed with a standard 230V supply cable with a standard plug. There is also a safeguard against dry-running and pumps reliably up to a height of about 8 meters.

In our offer you can find Grundfos self-priming pumps and Wilo.