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Pumping station

Lifting stations are used, for example, in cellars and house extensions, in places where it is not possible to drain sewage water using a downspout. It is suitable for toilets, showers, bathtubs, bidets, sinks, as well as kitchens and household appliances. You can also find pumping stations connecting the entire building to the newly built sewerage network and draining water from condensing boilers.

More information about lifting stations

Have you finished the era of cesspools, tripods and other sumps aswell? Has the sewer system been built and now it is necessary to join it? If gravity cannot be used and the drainage outlet is higher than your household waste, a viable and relatively simple solution is to install a pumping station. Of course, this device does not only work with faeces, it is of course able to handle the pumping of all other waste liquids (from the sink, shower, washing machine, bidet, etc.) and move them to the required height. It is a boosting station, which we offer in a compact design. This means that it has an integrated pressure switch, a cutting device, which ensures a constant flow of waste into the sewer.

The pumping station is suitable for individual apartments, family houses and commercial buildings. It is a simple, functional and affordable solution. Construction work to solve the problem of inappropriate drainage height is sometimes not feasible enough and would be expensive.

In the category you will also find pumped storage units suitable for pumping condensate from boilers.