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In addition to its parent company Meibes System-Technik GmbH, MEIBES s.r.o. in the Czech Republic represents also a number of other manufacturers from the Aalberts Industries concern.

In Slovakia, we are represented by our own subsidiary MEIBES SK s.r.o.

However, the Meibes Group's business spans the world, both through its own subsidiaries and through Aalberts Industries.

The Meibes product range is divided by system product brands. The most important include:

  • Meibes - modular systems for boiler rooms
  • Logotherm - residential stations for hot water preparation and heating control
  • Rossweiner - consumption measurement
  • Ballorex - Balancing valves
  • Simplex - radiator connection
  • Seppelfricke - plumbing and sanitary valves
  • Ballomax - steel ball valves for heating industry
  • MeibesPlus + - remote control and consumption readings of our equipment.