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Ball valves

Ball valves are used to shut off and control the flow of liquids or air and non-corrosive gases. It is therefore an important part of heating or cooling systems. This is a fitting where the flow is closed using a hemispherical seal. An indisputable advantage of ball valves is their tightness.

More information about ball valves

Ball valves serve for closing the flow of liquids. Used in two-way and three-way design. Depending on the tap variant, closing, opening or fully opening is done either manually by a manual lever or by means of an actuator. It is electrically operated, so this solution also allows remote control of taps. For operating the ball valve with actuator, it is a valve of the same type as manually operated one, but instead of a manual lever it is fitted with a suitable adapter (most often for Belimo actuators). Installation is allowed by the shaft upwards or even by positioning the tap in the side position, mounting with the shaft downwards is not allowed.

Ball valves with actuators are used for drinking, service and heating water, gasoline, diesel, oil, gylcol, kerosene, air, steam and other liquid and gaseous media.

For trouble-free and long-term operation, it is recommended to always put a filter in front of the control ball valves to catch any impurities that could damage the valve closing mechanism. Specifications of operating temperatures, threads and other details are always given for the specific type of ball valve.

We offer Giacomini ball valves with adapters for actuators and Belimo ball valves.