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Taconova is a Swiss company with a fifty-year tradition of measurement and control - specializing in the manufacture of balancing valves, the manufacture of fittings, smaller domestic technology for plumbers and larger projects such as solar energy. Taconova products are widely used in heat and cold production, their distribution, but also in sanitary technology. Its aim is to provide maximum comfort in room temperature and water temperature and to deliver the best price / performance ratio to the customer on the market. Taconova products are able to provide water and air temperatures not only in smaller apartment buildings, but also in industrial buildings or public buildings.

We offer balancing valves that ensure optimum heat distribution - reducing energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions and their main advantages include simple installation and easy flow control during operation.

Other products are flowmeters called Tacon's Flowmeter. They are used in hydroponic systems or valves for solar panels - resistant to high temperatures.