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Heat and cool meters

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Heating costs are higher year after year. It is therefore in the interest of each property owner to focus on reducing heat consumption. Indeed, in some cases the monitoring of energy spent on heating is even provided for by law. For this purpose, heat cost meters can be used, which greatly facilitate the entire data collection and consumption billing process.

More information about heat cost meters

Energy has a price and therefore it is necessary to use reliable heat and cool meters for heating and cooling, which capture specific data and make it available to the user and the operator. These measurements are performed in a partial way, ie. the amount of transferred energy is monitored from the boiler room or heat exchanger station, so that there is no loss or even wasteful use and waste anywhere. High-quality heat meters operate virtually maintenance-free for a long period of time, do not stress mechanical parts and the scanning process is performed by ultrasound or probe. You can choose the optimum solution for each heating and cooling system. Of course, there are more parameters that decide when choosing a meter, especially we must take into account the flow rate, corresponding to the range of working temperatures (whether heating or cooling is decisive in this case!). Other parameters are the possibility of installation, access for reading purposes (sometimes wireless data transmission is the optimal solution) and other specific aspects. From our offer, however, you will certainly choose a suitable heat and cold meter for your purposes.