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Level monitoring

  • Hlídání hladiny
  • Hlídání hladiny

One of the most common reasons for damage to the pump is so-called dry running. Dry running means that the pumped liquid does not flow and air is drawn into the pump. The lack of water will suddenly increase the internal temperature, which can have destructive consequences for some parts of the pump.
To protect the pump, we recommend installing a level sensor.

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In the event of flooding or leakage of liquids in damaged water or hot water piping, level monitoring probes and flood sensors are reliably used. These devices are definitely worthwhile, the purchase price is not high compared to what damage a properly installed device can prevent and prevent. Level probes can be used especially in boiler rooms, heat exchanger stations, warehouses, workshops and operations where equipment or products can be damaged by leaking water or other liquid. The connection is not complicated and the probes themselves do not take up much space. Wall mounting is usually done using classic screws.

The flood sensors are mounted on a DIN rail and the above-mentioned level probes are used as sensors. The electronic relay of the flood sensor is controlled by a digitalized voltage of 1 ÷ 10V and the input is galvanically isolated. These level sensors and probes should only be placed in a chemically non-aggressive environment. It is worth paying attention to the installation or continuous monitoring of the level probes and sensors!