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Equithermal regulation

Room temperature control has always been a big topic. Room temperature is influenced by several factors. One is the outdoor temperature. In winter, when it freezes, we heat. Suddenly, however, when the day is warmer - the rooms overheat. This adverse effect is corrected by equithermal  regulation. The equithermal regulation monitors both room temperature and outdoor temperature and adjusts the heating output exactly to the actual conditions. The room temperature sensor makes the heating control more precise by detecting other effects on the room temperature, such as sunlight, a burning fireplace, a larger number of people, etc.

Equithermal regulation works as a whole. It consists of an equithermal regulator, an outdoor sensor, a contact sensor or an optical room sensor. The regulation is supplied as a component set (Siemens) or as a regulator integrated in the actuator (Esbe).