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Herz is a private company, founded in Austria, one of the leading manufacturers of valves, armatures, circuit regulator valves, thermostatic valves for domestic heating. In addition, HERZ is one of the leading manufacturers of biomass boilers and heat pump manufacturers. To date, Herz operates in 75 countries. Decades of specialization in the areas of heating and regulation provide a good basis for both innovative and design products. All Herz products are manufactured in the European Union and meet the standards of European standards - ISO 9001. For thermostatic valves EN215.

Herz's latest innovation is the new Herz 4006 regulator valve - a compact addition to the fully automatic control system for pressure equalization and 4006 control valves.

In our offer you will find especially thermal actuators Herz. These can bring savings of 5-15% when heating with radiators or underfloor heating and are now standard when installing a new heating system in your building.