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DHW circulator pumps

Circulation pumps for domestic hot water (DHW) find use especially in places where we need hot water without heating losses and the need to drain cold water unnecessarily. It is particularly suitable for one- and two-generation houses, where the source of hot water is further from the supply and the water then cools down in the pipes.

More information about DHW circulators

The primary target for the use of circulator pumps is to pump domestic hot water (DHW). They can be used especially where the household user needs hot water and wants to supply it without loss and unnecessary "turning" of cold water in pipes. For this purpose, a circulator pump is installed, which allows the hot water to be brought directly from the boiler or tank to the place where we want to use it in the shortest and fastest way. Thanks to their unique design, these pumps are designed for pumping water with a higher degree of hardness, so they can be used in regions where otherwise the formation of deposits could cause problems. These pumps can also distribute very hot water. It is always necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions and follow them carefully, so that any problems are avoided before they occur.

The electronic circulator pump is operated by a reliable electric motor with minimum power consumption, which ensures practically noiseless operation with minimum energy consumption. In addition, the synchronous motor is resistant to blockages, these wet running pumps meet the highest hygiene standards and are characterized by a long service life. They are also corrosion resistant and can also be used, for example, to pump other liquids if necessary. The connection is threaded, the synchronous motor is resistant to blockage.