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If liquids or gaseous media contain undesirable impurities, these additives must be removed in some way. For this, different types of filters are used most often to trap these particles, thus avoiding many problems. During filtration, trapped small and larger dirt particles must be permanently removed from the piping or heating circuit. Thus, once they are trapped in a mesh or filter cartridge, a manual removal and disposal phase occurs. The strainers usually do not need to be replaced, thanks to the material used (most often made of high-quality stainless steel) lasts a fine and sensitive cleaning really long. Foam type filter cartridges (reusable one or several times) should be changed or carefully cleaned according to the instructions to ensure adequate performance while reducing flow.

The gas filters are mostly equipped with a stainless steel strainer, which is also equipped with a filter element to catch even the finest particles of dirt. Polypropylene is mainly used for its production due to its fine fiber structure and chemical resistance.