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Submersible pumps for boreholes

Submersible pumps are used to pump drinking and utility water from boreholes, wells and water retention tanks. They are fully submerged in water, from where they push it up to the consumption points, with maximum pump height of up to 150 meters while maintaining the required pressure in the system.

Their specific shape and small diameter (from 74 mm) allows placement even in narrow wells. Their cooling is secured by the flow of surrounding water, providing the pumps with a high performance. The same effect can be achieved with a cooling coat. If necessary, they can also be used to pump other liquids without mechanical impurities. Submersible pumps make it possible to pump clear water with an acceptable amount of sand or other abrasive substances in the range of 50 to 150 g/m3.

You can choose from a wide range of well pumps. We recommend getting a full set which gives you everything you need (including pressure vessel, built-in control unit to maintain constant pressure, etc.). Another option is to purchase individual elements separately.

A properly selected submersible pump will ensure a constant supply of well water for many years. In addition, you can easily extend its life with proper care.

More information about submersible pumps

How to pick a submersible pump for borehole?

Boreholes serve as a source of drinking water for households, for the production of domestic water, but also for the gradual removal of excess groundwater supplies. If required, submersible pumps are able to pump other liquids without mechanical impurities. Because the boreholes are often very narrow, the submersible pumps are adapted to the conditions and can often be used from a bore diameter of 76 mm. The submersible borehole pumps are fully submerged, which is also important for their efficient cooling and therefore they can work with high power inputs. Pump height (depending on type and power) up to over 100 meters (reffered to as H). The nominal flow rate (ie the volume of pressurized water referred to as Q) is given by the pump type, therefore it is always necessary to select according to the specific requirements for the pumped quantity and height. The submersible pumps are equipped with a connecting cable, but this must be connected to the extension cable often for the depth of the borehole. Submersible pumps also include a suspension cable. They can work in both the horizontal and the vertical position.

In our offer there is also a pump for boreholes equipped with a frequency converter, that can control and change the constat pressure. The submersible pumps are normally equipped with dry running, overload, overheating, overvoltage and under-voltage protection.

We offer submersible pumps for boreholes from leading manufacturers Grundfos and Wilo.