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Mixing valves

Mixing valves are best used for achieving the desired temperature. Depending on the connection and the purpose of the fitting or the whole system, it is necessary to select a suitable type of mixing valve so that it exactly fulfills its purpose. The three-way mixing valves are controlled either by a manual adjuster wheel or, when used in a sophisticated system, use a central control system and then drived by actuators. They ensure a quick adjustment of the valve parameters according to the current need and thus minimize energy losses. Economical and reliable operation is what quality mixing valves can provide.

For mounting the actuator, you can choose a complete mounting kit, in which you will find a profiled plate, shaft and mounting screw - a simple and efficient solution. In the case of four-way mixing taps, it is also possible to choose the connection variant with mixing of return water with hot water from the boiler, which brings a higher temperature of water, which subsequently enters the boiler.

Sealing kits, which should not be reused after dismantling, are the only assurance for replacing or retrofitting valves and filters.