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Three-way mixing valves

The use of three-way mixing valves has a very wide range. It is used for distribution and regulation of heating water, where it is possible to obtain the resulting mixture with the required temperature, central distribution systems, use in floor heating, solar systems, it is used in distribution and installation of cooling systems, ventilation and air conditioning operation. Some types of three-way mixing valves can also be used as distribution valves in addition to the mixing function. Connection is made by externalor internal threads, there are also versions with flange connection. The valve is equipped with a scale dial that can be easily adjusted for actuation. For this, it is sufficient to fit a suitable adapter, which of course is not missing in our offer, you can use Belimo actuators or Esbe actuators. The valve body is made of durable brass or cast iron and the control knob has a maximum range of 90 °.

In our offer you will find three-way mixing valves ESBE.