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Four-way mixing valves

The modern four-way mixing valves have proven themselves in heating applications and distribution and mixing systems. The valve body is mostly made of brass and guarantees high quality and long product durability thanks to the DRZ protective treatment against zinc leaching. These valves generally find their place primarily in heating and cooling systems, the double mixing function allows to mix part of the hot water that is supplied from the boiler to the return water from the radiator circuit. This serves to ensure a higher water temperature entering the boiler. The four-way mixing valve includes a control dial with a clear scale. The range of rotation for these types of valves is "round-the-clock" - it has no end stops. The scale can be adjusted to any desired position.

If it is preferable to operate the mixing valve by means of an actuator, the valve can be adapted by simply mounting the corresponding adapter. In addition to ESBE actuators, Belimo actuators can be used for most types.

The connection of the four-way mixing valves to the circuit is made by an internal or external thread on the valve body, or you can choose a flange variant. The body of the mixing valves with flanges is made of gray cast iron.

We offer a wide selection of four-way valves from the reliable manufacturer ESBE.