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DHW circulator pumps

Domestic hot water (DHW) circulation pumps can be used especially in supply points (bath, sink, showers) where we need hot water on demand without waiting for a long time. It is especially suitable for one and two-family houses, in which the source of hot water is further from the point of consumption and the water cools down in the pipes.

Waiting for hot water can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but also highly unecological and uneconomical. To demonstrate this, if you wait ten seconds each time you turn the hot water tap before the water of desired temperature flows in, you will have wasted almost 3,000 liters of water unnecessarily in this way every year.

To increase your own comfort, but also to reduce your water waste, we recommend you to install a DHW circulation pump. This type of pump recirculates water back to the boiler through pipe and resupplies the system with reheated water, which is always immediately available at the point of consumption (tap etc.)

Unlike most conventional circulators, DHW circulator pumps have European drinking water certification. Thanks to their unique design, they are also adapted for pumping hard water. That is specially useful in regions where the higher sediment content could otherwise cause problems.

A reliable and practically noiseless electric motor with minimal power input is used to operate the electronic circulation pump. Its energy consumption is usually in the range of 2 - 5 W. In addition, the synchronous motor is resistant to blockage, these wet-running pumps also meet the highest hygienic standard and are characterized by long life. They are also corrosion-resistant and can be used, if needed, to pump other liquids.

How to choose a DHW circulator?

The key parameters are volume of water consumed and the number of supply points (taps, showers etc.) as the are the main source of pressure loss that occurs in the distribution system. This should correspond to the flow rate - the volume of water a pump can distribute within a certain duration - usually an hour.

It is also important to decide your pump's control system. DHW circulation products are divided into ON / OFF pumps, which are connected via a timer directly to the power outlet, without further regulation (eg UP 15-14B).

You will also get a smart pump with AUTOADAPT, which automatically adapts itself based on your consumption patterns. This is ideal for objects with regular operation (eg Grundfos UP 15-14BA).

The last option are "smart" pumps fitted with a timer switch (eg Wilo STAR Z-T).

How to understand product lines

We only offer quality and durable products from proven manufacturers: Grundfos is a traditional Danish manufacturer, while Wilo is a German specialist who manufactures most of its products in its own factories. Complaints of products at both manufacturers are below 1% of products sold based on our own experience.


  • The COMFORT UP series are smaller household pumps with a stainless steel impeller,
  • The ALPHA N series have a stainless steel design with an ON / OFF control system,
  • The UPS N / MAGNA N series are stainless steel pumps for larger applications.


  • The Star-Z NOVA series are smaller household pumps,
  • The TOP-Z series for larger applications with ON / OFF control system.

For smaller applications, we recommend purchasing a backup power supply for pumps, which will ensure the supply of hot water in the event of a power blackout.

If you are unsure of what pump to buy, we will gladly assist you.

  • Stainless steel impeller
  • Approved for drinking water
  • Simple power connection via cabel
  • Dry running detection


  • with built-in timer and thermostat
  • LCD display
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