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Smart Heating

Smart heating is much more than just "remote heating control over the internet. Regulation of underfloor heating and radiators allows full control over heating in apartments, houses, but also in small or large commercial spaces with control from a smartphone or tablet. Thus, heating can easily be adapted to your needs and the smart heating system will take care of efficient and sustainable operation of the heating system. Heating occurs only when needed, and only the heating bill decreases, not the temperature in the room. Your household remains always comfortably warm, while energy expenses are reduced by up to 30% compared to a classic central thermostat or unregulated heating

Smart heating can be used for:

  1. radiator heating

  2. underfloor heating

  3. combined heating (control of underfloor heating and radiators)

  4. remote heating

Remote heating can be turned into smart heating by using smart heating heads in combination with a router (central unit). An ideal solution is the Siemens Connected Home system, Danfoss Ally or Honeywell Evohome. Thermostatic heads can also be used for heating control independently.