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Smart Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a popular heating solution for new constructions and property renovations. The pleasant warmth emanates from the floor and spreads through the walls into the room, ensuring ideal air temperature and humidity. Thanks to its large heating surface and low surface temperature, it's a relatively economical heating option. However, it requires more time to warm up. Another issue can be an unbalanced system, where the floor closer to the heat source overheats, while the more distant part of the heating hasn't even warmed up yet. Smart underfloor heating optimizes the operation of the heating system, reduces heating expenses and gives you full control over heating.

 Underfloor heating control

Smart heating can also be applied to:

Underfloor Heating Control

Smart heating is a simple way to optimize the heating system, minimize heat loss and reduce energy costs. Savings on heating compared to a classic thermostat or unregulated heating can reach up to 30%, without changing the temperature in your home or office. It allows full control of heating in homes, apartments, and smaller or larger commercial spaces, and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Smart Underfloor Heating

Smart underfloor heating utilizes the advantages of zone-based heating and allows for setting individual temperatures for each room. This way, you heat only when and where it's really needed. It recognizes the approximate size of heated rooms and evenly distributes heat regardless of the area's size.

Smart heating allows for local and remote heating control, so you can regulate hydronic underfloor heating from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Heating control via the internet is intuitive and easily adjustable and the apps communicate in Czech.

Smart systems for underfloor heating are versatile and you can choose between wired and wireless versions, making them easy to implement into existing and new heating systems.

Danfoss Icon

The Danfoss Icon system is smart heating designed specifically for zonal underfloor heating.

  • 3 types of controllers with 10 or 15 outputs for thermal actuators
  • design integration to match interior decor
  • wired and wireless versions
  • heat source switching
  • indoor range of about 30 m, uses a repeater for greater distances
  • application module for mobile heating control from the Danfoss Icon app
  • voice control capability

Wireless floor heating control

Honeywell Evohome

Honeywell Evohome is an intelligent system of zone heating, which includes control of floor heating.

  • the control unit allows individual control of up to 12 rooms (zones)
  • easy installation without construction modifications
  • switching of the heat source
  • smart home control from the Honeywell Evohome app
  • the range inside is approx. 30 m
  • without a signal repeater
  • compatible with IFTTT and voice control

Floor heating control