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How to Save on Household Heating Costs?

In times of record high energy prices, it's unsurprising that most Czechs are looking for ways to save on heating. In addition to the popular smart thermostat, this article will also explore other options for paying as little as possible for heating.

Smart Thermostats: Energy Savings and Thermal Comfort

Thermostats are an integral part of many Czech households, where they simplify and make more efficient the control of the heating system. Traditional thermostats allow setting a fixed heating temperature. Smart or smart thermostats allow practically anytime and from anywhere control of the heating in the house via a tablet, computer, or mobile phone.

Smart thermostats can therefore set the temperature in an apartment or house based on your daily routine and often are equipped with a variety of smart sensors, thanks to which heat is used even more efficiently.

TIP: Honeywell Evohome intelligent zone heating control system

The smart zone heating control system Honeywell Evohome regulates heat delivery to individual rooms based on the desired temperature and analyzes data, to make your home even more economical. The smart Honeywell Evohome heating allows controlling the temperature in up to 12 zones, works with all common heat sources, and is suitable for family houses, apartments, and smaller commercial spaces.

The smart Honeywell Evohome thermostat. 

Accessories for the Heating System

What else besides a smart thermostat can you get for your radiator to heat your home efficiently? For example, magnetic filters for heating can be very helpful. What are they for?

Magnetic filters protect the heating system from damage due to mechanical impurities, which reduce the efficiency of the heating system, increase energy consumption, damage system components, and ultimately lead to a reduction in their lifespan.

Perfect overview of energy consumption is offered by heat and cold meters, which facilitate the data collection process.

Technologies that Mean Energy Savings

There are also other technologies leading to savings on heating costs. There is increasing interest in photovoltaics. Key advantages of photovoltaics include energy self-sufficiency for much of the year, reduced dependence on energy supplies, reduced energy intensity for family homes and apartment buildings, as well as the long lifespan of solar panels and a relatively quick return on investment.

Popular as well is heat recovery or the process of reclaiming heat. Thanks to recovery, stale indoor air is exchanged with fresh outdoor air, which is warmed by thermal energy from the exhaust air. Recovery not only saves money but also improves indoor air quality.   

More Tips on How to Save on Heating

We have prepared several more useful tips and recommendations from experts to significantly reduce your heating bill.

Don't Overheat Unnecessarily

When it comes to heating, every extra degree significantly increases energy consumption. Reducing the room temperature by just 1 °C can lead to up to a 6 percent decrease in energy consumption. Keep this in mind when setting the temperature in your home. Experts recommend maintaining a temperature of 20 to 22 °C in living areas. However, you don't need the same temperature in every room. A lower temperature, for example, can be in the bedroom, where it should be around 16 °C, or perhaps in the hallway. The aforementioned smart heating maintains the right temperature in each room.

By reducing the temperature in the room by just 1 °C, you can save up to 6 percent on energy. 

Ventilate Efficiently

Want to keep your home comfortably warm, but have the windows open all day for ventilation? In that case, you are losing precious heat. Ideally, you should ventilate briefly but thoroughly. This means opening the windows wide and ventilating for about 10 minutes.

Don't Forget to Bleed the Heating

If you have air in the heating system, the radiators do not operate at full power and to achieve the desired thermal comfort, you need to increase consumption. How to recognize air in the heating system? By the fact that part of the heating remains cooler, or even completely cold. Another clear sign of air in the system is splashing sounds from the heating.

Do Not Block Radiators

Another proven way to save on heating is to remove obstacles, that prevent the radiator from heating fully. Clean the radiators from dust and do not cover them with long curtains or drapes. The efficiency of heating is also reduced if you dry clothes on the radiator.

Do Not Underestimate the Maintenance of the Heating System

Energy can be used efficiently only if the heating equipment is maintained. Regular maintenance ensures reliable operation of the heating and extends its life. Did you know that statistics show that up to 60% of heating devices in the Czech Republic are not maintained regularly?