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Thermostatic Radiator Valves with Temperature Setting Lock

Radiator heating is a universal heating solution suitable for both households and small and large commercial spaces. However, in some cases, their simple control and easy setting can be a disadvantage. In homes, offices, public spaces, and other situations, it can be challenging to ensure that the temperature on the thermostatic head is set to the desired level, especially nowadays when public buildings must not be heated to more than 18°C due to savings and violating government regulations can lead to financial penalties. However, there are several types of heads that easily prevent unwanted manipulation of radiator settings.

Protective covers for radiator heads

Radiator Heads with Mechanical Locking

The simplest way to prevent the resetting of radiator temperatures is to purchase heads with mechanical locking against rotation. Thermostatic heads can be secured with stops (pins) to limit the range of temperature settings. The heads IMI Heimeier K  and Siemens RTN include stops in the package, while for other types, such as Honeywell Thera-6 (Honeywell limiting stop) and  Danfoss RA 2944 (Danfoss limiting pin), stops are an optional accessory and need to be purchased separately. However, they are a simple and effective solution for households, especially for children's rooms. For public spaces, head types with stops that have protection against changing the position of the stops and reinforced construction can be used.

A more suitable option for commercial buildings are heads with temperature setting using a special key. The thermostatic head for public spaces IMI Heimeier HALO-B is controlled only by a universal IMI Heimeier key, and the cover of the head can be turned freely without changing the temperature setting. The head is made of sturdy material for exceptional durability even under challenging conditions and features anti-theft protection.

Thermostatic heads with temperature limitation

Electronic Radiator Heads

Another option to ensure that there is no unwanted change in radiator temperature are "semi-smart" heating systems, such as the electronic thermostatic head Danfoss Eco. The head is connected via Bluetooth to an app on a smartphone, where you can easily set the radiator temperature. The electronic thermostatic head is programmable and allows manual control, which can be disabled with a child lock. The head also has integrated sensors that can very precisely regulate the room temperature, an adaptive regulation function to achieve the right temperature at the desired time, and a function to detect an open window. 

A somewhat simpler solution without remote heating control via the internet is the electronic thermostatic head Honeywell TheraPro HR90EE, which independently regulates radiators according to heating programs. You can customize the timing programs to your needs and the head allows for programming special days, such as holidays, days off, etc. The control and installation of the head is easy and it allows for optional energy-saving functions. Honeywell TheraPro is made of durable material, features anti-theft protection for both the head and batteries, and has a child lock to prevent temperature readjustment

Danfoss Eco Thermostatic Radiator Heads

Smart Heating Heads

The most modern way of solving radiator heating is smart heating, suitable for both households and offices, hospitals, public administration buildings, and other commercial spaces. Smart heating heads allow for remote heating control via mobile or tablet, so you can change the temperature from anywhere. Temperature settings can also be adjusted manually, but this option can easily be disabled thanks to a child lock. Smart heating systems also work on the principle of zone regulation, so you can combine individual radiator heads into larger units, set the time and desired room temperature, and smart heating takes care of the rest for you. Smart thermostatic heads also have anti-theft protection, and for greater durability, protective covers can be used.