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Grundfos Multilift MSS 11.3.2 wastewater lifting station (97901027)

Grundfos Multilift MSS 11.3.2 wastewater lifting station (97901027)

  • Product code: 97901027
  • EAN : 5710626080571
  • Manufacturer code: 97901027
  • Warranty: 2 years

Lifting station designed for pumping of domestic wastewater. Power supply 400V. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Dimensions 390x262x142
Head max 11,5 m
Maximal temperature 40 °C
Number of inputs 7
Power 400 VAC
Pump flow 9,72 l/s
Volume 44 l
Weight 0.03 kg

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Multilift is a complete lifting station ready for wastewater drainage. The use is mainly in one-generation and two-generation family houses.

Consists of

  • Fully integrated collection tanks with pump and submersible motor
  • Check valve
  • Output adapter with flexible DN100 connection piece located on the collection tank
  • Control units
  • Level sensors

The collection tank contains 7 inputs per circuit. Rear inlets 2x DN100, side entry 2x DN100, DN100 input on top of tank, 2x DN50.

The Multilift stainless steel polyethylene collection tanks are gas-tight and waterproof and do not produce smell. The chamfered bottom structure reduces the amount of residual water and reduces sedimentation.

Example of installation


The impeller of the submersible stainless steel pump, submersible maintenance-free immersion engine and oil chamber with physiologically safe oil filling between two mechanical seals.

Control unit

The microprocessor LC220 is equipped with a display for complete monitoring. The pump and the sensor are connected to the control unit with 4 m or 10 m cable and pipe. The power cable has a length of 1.5 m and is equipped with a plug (including a phase converter for a 3-phase motor). Non-contact, resistive, piezoelectric, pressure sensor mounted in the housing, monitored by the control unit and accurate to millimeters and data displayed on the display. Pressure pipe secured against blockage inside the tank without moving parts inside the sewage.

Features of the control unit

  • On / off on the basis of a continuous signal from a resistive piezoelectric sensor
  • Motor protection when dry-running by reducing the running time with subsequent emergency operation
  • 24-hour automatic test runs during long periods of inactivity
  • Operating data on: operating status (operation, fault), service / maintenance time once a year (optional on / off via DIP switch)
  • Alarm indication: Phase sequence and phase failure, sensor failure, high water alarm, potential-free contact for general alarm
  • Automatic or manual alarm reset (optional with DIP switch)
  • Easy selection of switching level 180 or 250 mm (via DIP switch)

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