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Rainwater filters

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Rainwater filters catch mechanical impurities when the water flows through the body. They provide a continuous supply of filtered water.

Cleaning rainwater filters reduce the amount of foreign particles in the water, such as rust fragments or grains of sand. If they are additionally equipped with an activated carbon insert, they also filter dissolved organic material, chlorine, pesticides and insecticides. Thanks to this, unpleasant smell is also removed from the filtered water.

A rainwater filter is used to treat and purify rainwater in simple applications where drinking water is not required, such as watering, flushing, washing and other technical purposes.

How to filter rain water?

A rainwater filter most often consists of several consecutive filter inserts, which may not always be included in the package. A pre-filter retains insoluble solids. Then a fine filter retains rust particles, sand and other small impurities, thereby reducing the likelihood of corrosion. And an activated carbon insert then filters dissolved organic material and chlorine.