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Honeywell KS30E-60 water softening device

Honeywell KS30E-60 water softening device

  • Product code: KS30E-60
  • EAN : 4019837156022
  • Manufacturer code: KS30E-60
  • Warranty: 2 years

Many households are faced with limescale deposited on shower heads, faucets but also in water pipes and heating… More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Flow 3 m3/h
Operating pressure 1 - 8 bar
Approximate capacity of the treatment plant up to 15 persons
Weight 40.00 kg

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Many households are faced with limescale deposited on shower heads, faucets but also in water pipes and heating elements.

Limescale is caused by so-called hard water, ie. water with a high content of calcium and magnesium. Limescale not only disrupts the functionality of appliances but also harms our health. Hard water dries skin, hair and creates eczema.

To permanently solve the hard water problem, the ideal solution is to use a water softener.

změkčovačka vody

How does Honeywell KaltecSoft Water Softener work?

The water softening device works on the principle of ion exchange. In the ion exchanger, calcium and magnesium ions are freely dissolved in the drinking water and two sodium ions are released for each such ion. The output water hardness can be set by the user according to his own needs. The control unit of the KS30 softening station learns itself. If there is a long-term change in consumption, the station will automatically lower or increase the power settings.

The Honeywell KaltecSoft softening station is available in multiple designs for a variety of applications from small households to apartment buildings.

Why to use Honeywell KaltecSoft Water Softener?

  1. Extending the life of household appliances
    When using soft water, the limescale does not settle on the appliance, which can cause damage.
  1. Pipe protection
    Soft water prevents limescale build-up and thus protects the pipeline from possible flow reduction or clogging.
  1. Fluffy linen
    When using soft wash water, your laundry is soft and fluffy after washing. And without adding fabric softener.
  1. Health care
    Soft water is more suitable for your skin, face and hair.

Main features

  • Adequate salt consumption - before each regeneration the treatment plant deducts the amount of water flowed, and the intensity of regeneration is proportional to the consumption of this treated water
  • Automatic capacity adjustment
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to install

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