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Single-phase frequency converters

The use for a single-phase frequency converter can be found mainly in the operation of pumps, fans, mechanical gate controls, conveyors and material handling equipment, ie in the case of devices whose electric motor will be better used if the speed is not fixed but their value becomes variable. Single-phase frequency converters are relatively small, yet they can save a lot of energy by regulating power and engine speed. Most types of single-phase inverters are suitable for incorporation directly into the equipment whose control they become. Easy-to-access and clearly arranged control panel with LCD display including integrated potentiometer allows easy adjustment and instant control of functions. Several flexible variants are available for assembly. They are equipped with 100% braking chopper, PID controller and built-in EMC filter. For a quick start-up, the practical Flash Drop tool, which can also be ordered from our e-shop, is best used. Adequate cooling is provided by the built-in fan.

Frequency converters from 0,37 to 2,2 kW are available. You can choose the most suitable one according to the controlled equipment and requirements.